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h5p – HTML5 Interactive Content Tool

What it is H5P ( is an open source tool that enables IDs/developers to easily create interactive HTML5 activities – such as videos with embedded quizzes, drag and drops, memory games, and interactive presentations. With this tool, developers may create

Blue Garlic Rose – Oil Painting

Many times when I paint and draw, I stand back from the work in-progress and realize there is not enough contrast. In this quick study, I painted directly from observation, with the garlic placed outside in the full sun and

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Degas as an animation influence

Edgar Degas’ artistic methods, expression, and subject matter align his work and process closely with that of contemporary 2D animators. Primarily interested in painting figurative scenes that capture contemporary Parisian life, Degas kept notebooks containing studies of hands, architectural features,

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Thoughts on the work of Tyrus Wong, Disney artist

Chinese-American painter, visual development artist, and illustrator, Tyrus Wong created a novel visual style for Disney’s stunning animated feature film, Bambi. The contribution of his unique artistic vision led directly to the success of the film, and helped expand the

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The influence of filmmaker/animator Miyazaki

Japanese director and animator Hayao Miyazaki’s films are inspiring illustrators and animators around the world. The importance of Miyazaki’s animation lies in his unparalleled ability to capture all the ephemeral qualities of life–whether illustrating the subtle atmospheric shift of fog