Faber-Castell Polychromos are by far the best colored pencils I have used. They are available in a set of 120 pencils which provides an amazing range of colors. They are wonderful for creating detailed, realistic drawings. With the right paper, you can add many layers of colors and build up depth in your drawing. They are not too waxy like some pencils, and I do not have a problem with burnishing or saturating the surface. I’m currently working on a tiger drawing using these wonderful pencils. If you like drawing with graphite pencils, you will be able to easily use the same techniques with these pencils as they have a similar feel and density. Be sure to get a high quality pencil sharpener, as these work best for details when very sharp and pointed. I’m surprised I only learned of these during the pandemic when I started watching YouTube videos by artists and seeing other people’s techniques and materials.

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