h5p – HTML5 Interactive Content Tool

What it is

H5P (https://h5p.org/) is an open source tool that enables IDs/developers to easily create interactive HTML5 activities – such as videos with embedded quizzes, drag and drops, memory games, and interactive presentations. With this tool, developers may create and edit their interactive content directly in the browser. HTML5 is an important alternative to Flash, as unlike Flash, HTML5 interactions will work on all devices – desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.

According to the H5P site, with H5P, “You can create interactive content by adding the H5P plugin to your WordPress, Moodle or Drupal site, or you can create content directly on H5P.org and embed it on your website.” (H5P.org, 2016) Since WordPress and Drupal are among the top three CMS platforms used across the web (Alex Ivanovs, 2015), H5P is a relevant tool for those working in educational technology.


If you are not using a CMS such as WordPress or Drupal, you can still create h5p content directly on the h5p demo site (https://h5p.org/node/add/h5p-content) and then grab the embed code from the learning object you create (see available learning object content types below). If you are using a CMS, you will need to download and install the h5p plugin within the admin area of your CMS. This will allow you to create the interactive content from inside your CMS

Alex Ivanovs. (2015). The 9 Most Popular Free Content Management Systems (CMS) 2015 – Colorlib.

Posted by: Diane Jones

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