Assignment 1 – Painting Study

I wanted to create a painting that could be seen from across the room. This work achieved that goal. Many times when I paint and draw, I stand back from my work and realize there is not enough contrast. In this quick study, I painted directly from observation, with the garlic placed outside in the full sun. The intense light allowed me to clearly see the form, and deliniate areas of shadow. This time I used thick oil paint, and painted wet into wet, allowing the colors to mix on the canvas. I think I used zinc white here, as well as french ultramine for the blue, magenta and/or permanent rose, and yellow light hue. The texture of the gessoed paper shows through to give a nice textured feel to the ground. This painting was inspired by the mostly monochromatic Diebenkorn still life paintings I saw at the Palm Springs Art Museum in January 2014. Medium: Water soluble oil paint on watercolor paper prepped with gesso.

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