Haida Story: Story Scenes

Story Scene Thumbnails
Here are the storyboard ideas from my final project for “Drawing for Animation” class at CCA. The story takes place on Queen Charlotte Island, British Columbia (the island now called ‘Haida Gwaii’), and features a Haida family — a father (Elan) and two daughters (Enola and Dena). The youngest daughter, Dena,  is a shaman; she is endowed with special powers to heal others and commune with animals. She is seen here receiving a baby puffin. A kayaker is lost at sea in a storm, and the Haida family help rescue him from certain death. Hopefully I will develop the story more, and possibly create an animated short or animatic of the story.  The story was inspired by my 2008 trip to Alaska. Stay tuned for updates, please!

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